Re: New Longterm Blitz

On Feb 18, 4:56 am, Estevo <euccas...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Feb 18, 7:38 am, Gemini <scott...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Looking to start putting together the "Rivers" concept I had.

A lot of land - but with a lot of rivers (1-3 hex wide "rivers") winding
through the land.

Since this is informal, I'm going to make it and throw it up will very
little regard for balance - this can only be discovered by

Look for it soon.


Thanks a lot! Looking forward to it.

As I'd told you privately, I was thinking of getting into deitying
too. Life issues have kept me from actually putting the time so far,
but I may have it later this year. After I try my hand in one or two
informal blitzes, I'd be interested in hosting one-day serious-ish
marathon blitzes.

Few people have the time to commit to a long formal game anymore. But
if given long enough notice, I think most people that have ever
enjoyed Empire could set apart a Saturday or so to play an entire game
and be done with it.

Something like: 14 hours absolute maximum, 20 minute updates, with a
short break of an hour (two skipped updates) in the middle. That would
make 41 updates tops. Game could be over earlier than that, if all
viable players concede. Otherwise, winner would be the leader in the
power report after the last update.

Sleep well the day before (good luck with that!), say "see you Sunday"
to your loved ones, bring your computer, coffee, and one day worth of
food to the toilet.

Whoever would be interested in playing this, please raise your hand
and state your schedule preferences.


I liked Gemini's "slow blitz." so did other people. If you can't
control your life you have no business running an/the Empire. Talk to
your wife before you register for a new game.