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Well, I finished Ultima IX on Friday and published my last "Blogging
Ultima" post today. Or at least my last game-related blog. All 18
games took about 300 hours, and nearly a year of blogging. The year was

Congratulations. But, but, but you sound relieved to have it behind you!
Ultima is not a chore! Bad Ophidian! What will future generations of
potential Ultima players think? ;)

I've been trying to get U-IV running in Vista with no luck so far. I
thought it might work with Virtual PC / Win 98SE, but it starts MoSlo
at 8% then the cursor just sits there blinking.
I guess maybe I'll have to try DOSBox, never have fiddled around with

mostly thanks to the fact that I acquired a full time job in May,
cutting into my two hours a day plan pretty dramatically! Otherwise I
estimate I could have been done by August!

It would have taken you a lot longer, and you might have enjoyed it more,
if you hadn't played them before. I must have taken 40 pages of notes
when I played Ultima IV. How many pages of notes did you take? Already
knowing the mantras, etc is kind of cheating. When you played the games,
did you actually do everything or did you use your previous knowledge to
speed through them? What about all the little side quests, especially in

Now I need to figure out what crazy thing to do next...

A blog about nothing. Like Seinfeld was a show about nothing. You just
need some wacky friends and a nemesis.


I wish I had not done my John Cage blog in 2005; I'm sure I would have
done a much better job with it now. I considered doing a Karlheinz
Stockhausen themed blog, too, but then he up and died, which makes it
less exciting somehow. Plus nobody records his music except on his own
label. Plus Germans are grouchy folk and they'll just say what I write
stinks. :-P

Why not turn off comments? I figured a blog is for posting, if you want
comments use facebook/myspace. Or Usenet. ;P

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