Re: Minor problem with Firefox

Erimess the Energetic Itchy Advocate of Justice wrote:
It's minor. Really it is. I think. Well, it seems like it *ought*
to be. (Besides, you guys need woken up.)
I have this tendency to hit some key or other that opens the Find box.
(Maybe the apostrophe.) Usually not big deal. I just click on the
infamous red x and get rid of it.
Except recently it won't stop. That is, I close the box, but every
time I start typing it pops open again. The help files only tell how
to start it, not how to stop it.

The only way I can find to induce what your experiencing is to go to
Tools, go to Options, go to Advanced and under that go to General and
then turn on search for text when I start typing. So other than
checking whether that has someone been tripped (how would it get
untripped by turning it off I can't say), I have no clue how to help.

Also, my Firefox does not actually give me a search thingy with a red
x on it, just a field for text and that is all. I just have to click
outsdie of it and the search area disappears again.

I'll keep an eye out for the problem, I use Firefox and Netscape 8
(another Mozilla based browser) pretty regularly)

For the record the key that activates quick find when you do not have
it set that way is the "/" key. I remember when I first started using
this I thought it was clever because shift+/ is ? and so by hitting
the key with a "?" you get to find something.

Hmm, some more playing around reveals that the apostrephe key is also
a search key.

Anyway despite the hype Firefox does generate odd errors from time to
time (I sometimes have trouble selecting text with my mouse).
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