Re: Maybe I will graduate someday...

fre 2006-05-12 klockan 14:09 +0100 skrev Samurai:
Quoth erimess:

When I do need someone else's help in explaining something, I need
someone who is good at explaining, not just good at doing.

There, too. It's amazing (or perhaps not) how many professors I've come
across who are academically brilliant in research, but can't teach for
toffee. In some ways, I suppose, the more brilliant one is, the less
likely one is to be a good teacher, since things tend to come naturally
to one, rather than having to work at them as one's students probably

I disagree. I would say that if one is brilliant, and have been in the
field for 10+ years - one should probably not teach introductory courses
(they are too far ahead - and its a waste of resources anyway). But boy,
was the brilliant guys ever the most _interesting_ lecturers. They
radiate fascination with the subject at hand, and they suck you into
their vortex, and the next thing you know - you are applying for a slave
contract^w^w research position so that you can be close to them when
they do this bloody marvelous research. Then, as the application is in
the mail - reality catches up with you and you go: OMG, what have I
done! (But as long as you are in that vortex - you will be perfectly
capable of teaching introductory courses, and passing the enthusiasm on
in a half digested state.)

Then we have the guys who did some good stuff in their 30s, and who have
tenure. They are a bore, not only for introductory students - but for
their collegues (sp?) as well. They should not be put into research
positions - they should be fired.</soapbox>