Re: Maybe I will graduate someday...

Quoth erimess:
His definition of bettering himself seems to be getting a high-paying
job. No, the high-paying job is so that you can support yourself and
your family, and has nothing whatsoever to do with what kind of person
you are. I think people are "better" when they have interests and
pursue things -- but it doesn't have to be college.

However, it /is/ a lot easier to pursue interests and expand one's
horizons through travel when one does have a high-paying job. >:)

I don't think he ever quite got the difference between what is simply
a necessity of life, and what is the kind of human being he is.
Income is merely a means to an end, and shouldn't be the ultimate

There I agree, though.

When I do need someone else's help in explaining something, I need
someone who is good at explaining, not just good at doing.

There, too. It's amazing (or perhaps not) how many professors I've come
across who are academically brilliant in research, but can't teach for
toffee. In some ways, I suppose, the more brilliant one is, the less
likely one is to be a good teacher, since things tend to come naturally
to one, rather than having to work at them as one's students probably

Hopefully anyone doing a job is good at what they do, at least to a
reasonable extent.

Hah. No -- there's the Peter Principle, for starters. Or worse, the
Dilbert Principle. :P

(Why would I want to do a job that I'm lousy at?)

Many people do, though. Easier than the alternative, most of the time.

I don't think that means that college courses couldn't tell you that
you *don't* like something.

Mine certainly did. As some might recall, I studied law at university,
and deeply disliked it as a discipline by the end of the course.

But the book isn't really about what areas you like. The author
claims you probably already know that. So it's more about deciding
what specifically you can do in that area that would fit your

Sensible. I wanted to go into journalism, but I wasn't the best of
reporters -- my shorthand was never great, and it took me far too long
to spin a story out of my notes. Now I'm an editor, which means someone
else does that bit of the work, and I can turn my full powers of
pedantry on the result. >:)
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