Re: I was going to eat cube steak tonight

Eek! Polychromic wrote:
> Well, which takes more time - 5 minutes to get some groceries or 8 minutes
> defrosting meat at 30% power level in the microwave? I don't know why you
> think it takes "so much time" to get groceries. I almost always get the
> same stuff so I know where it is plus I tend to go when the store is empty
> and do my own checkout at the self-help registers. It takes hardly any
> time at all.

Because I don't go to supermarket very often, so usually a trip usually
have to cover one week's ration, and it takes time to shop (and I am very
anal about what I buy). Besides, my working schedule is very erratic, so
it's not very convenient to go shopping whenever I want... Not to mention
I have to save some gasoline too, so a shopping trip usually have to cover
several stores in nearby locales.... Some stuff, like steaks, I have to
buy in Costco instead of the regular supermarket, and stuff like fruits and
veggies I have to buy in a Chinese supermarket.... It's complicated.

We thaw meat naturally, btw. We usually put them out of the frige and
while it's thawing, we do other stuff. I will use microwave defrost only
if it's an emergency. Meat just doesn't taste good when it's

And how big is your house??? I thought it takes a long time to drive out
of your driveway. :-p

Ashikaga a27