Re: Joel Channing comments on the Suspensions of Sloan and Marinello

On Wed, 29 Aug 2007 19:55:32 -0700, Bruce <bdraney@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I wouldn't join a moderated forum like this even I were a USCF
member. What a freaking joke.

The problem is, with the recent USCF election, there was a concerted
effort, evidently by one or more insiders, to make *this* newsgroup
completely unusable. It was flooded with posts by various fake
personalities, mostly fake Sam Sloans, but many others. Some of the
fakes were just noise, but others appeared real, with maybe one small
detail altered.

I'm reasonably certain the idea was to drive serious discussion to the
moderated forum, where there was at least some chance of controlling

The fakes have also made usenet history searches much more difficult.