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Bobby also complained bitterly about not receiving one cent from
either the book or the movie called SEARCHING FOR BOBBY FISCHER.

The movie wasn't about Fischer. He was merely invoked as a historical
figure, though he might have been wise to sue.

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It would have been interesting. My personal opinion is he probably
would not have won for several reasons, one being that being famous
prevents you from claiming your name was used without permission and
demanding royalties.

For example I can use famous people's names without owing them
royalties as it is done all the time. Now if I claim that a famous
person has endorsed my product or my movie or my magazine that is an
entirely different situation.

If Fischer had won, it's conceivable that mentioning Queen Elizabeth,
Paris Hilton or any well known public figure would mean having to pay
them royalties for mentioning them. If we take that to the full
logical extreme a newspaper could not run a story on anyone famous
without having to pay them for the right to mention their name.
Having never seen the movie "Being John Malkovich" I am curious if
Malkovich is actually IN the movie or if they just used his name in
the title? If so did they pay him royalties? If so then maybe
Fischer's case would be strengthened. If not then it would prove my
point. Also what about references to Elvis? Should using Elvis' name
in a movie require paying royalties to his estate? In I Walk the
Line, the biographical film about Johnny Cash, people are portraying
Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, Carl Perkins, June Carter Cash and the her
parents. In addition someone is portraying Johnny's first wife. Does
that mean the film had to pay them all royalties? I doubt it.

At the time the movie was being made, Fischer was in self imposed
seclusion and even if attempts had been made to ask his permission or
offer him royalties for his participation or cooperation, it is
doubtful he would have been interested. Actually more than likely he
would have sued to prevent them from using his name or from making the