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I just discovered BridgeComposer but need instructions on using it to
produce results.

I start with a PBN file, an ACBLscore game file and a PDF hand record.
How do I proceed?


What specifically are you striving to do? What do you mean when you
say you want to "produce results"?

Bud H

Here's an example:

Creating and uploading game results using ACBLscore for Windows

when using hand records for all sections

1. With a game loaded in ACBLscore for Windows (in format YYMMDD and
session M, A, or E) and with all scores entered and verified for all
sections, click Reports in the top menu bar.

2. Choose Recap/Press>Screen/File

3. Choose 3 Text File and click OK.

4. Keep the default file name YYMMDDs.TXT as the file to be saved into
folder C:\ACBLSCORE\GAMEFILE. (s=session, either Morning, Afternoon, or

5. Choose 10 List + Recap (traveler format) and click OK

6. Allow default character width - click OK

7. Choose 2 By rank, and then click OK to create the file YYMMDDs.HTM

8. IF you have two sections both playing the same hands, THEN switch to the
other section and repeat the steps above, and when it asks to append or
overwrite to the text file, choose 1 Append.

9. Log into using username
(your club number) and password (whatever your password is for your club),
select the date of the game, and then select the session (morning,
afternoon, or evening).

10. Under Files to Upload choose ACBL Score File and Hand Record File and
select both the YYMMDDs.TXT file and the hand record file (normally
YYMMDDs.PBN), then click Submit to upload the files to the ACBL club game
results website.

11. To check that the upload occurred correctly, go to the SBBC section of
the ACBL club results home page ( Go to the
proper month, and the game result link should be visible for the proper date
and session time. (Note: since you uploading hand records, the game
results should appear on the ACBL website after about ten minutes.)