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Dealer: North
Final Contract: 2SX by East
Vul: E/W

West   North   East   South
-------    Pass   Pass    1H
Pass     2C!    Pass    2H!
Pass    Pass    2S       X
All pass

2SX - 4, N/S +1100
It should have been -3 for +800 actually.
2C! = Reverse Drury
2H! = Minimum or sub-minimum hand

North: S K83 H J85 D AK4 C Q982
South: S Q972 H KQ973 D 6 C A53

East balancing with: S AJT64 H AT4 D T52 C JT
West passing with: S 5 H 62 D QJ9873 C K764 could have escaped to 3DX
-2 for N/S gaining +500.
As it appears 9 tricks in NT for N/S are there for +400.
It appears that bidding conservatively is convenient even at favorable


West should have his head examined for allowing partner to play 2Sx..
East did not bid spades on the first or second round of bidding so he
must be bidding spades on the presumption West has some spade help.
Since West doesn't have any spade help he should run.

North did not bid conservatively. He bid strangely. He might have made
some kind of try over 2H to show extra values.

Eric Leong

Vedo che gli uccelacci non osano mettere fuori il loro becco pero`
continuano a fare gli stronzi. Well for the record, I would have not
blamed that much East for balancing with a ten count, a good five card
suit and four tens. South could have been very light, he is in third
seat at favorable vulnerability after all, one can as easily imagine
South holding an eight count while his partner North, a passed hand,
holding four card heart support and a nine count. Missing a vulnerable
spade game on 23 hcps and nine spades between the two hands is not
exactly good bridge.

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Unless you peeked, getting to a spade game with  S Kxx opposite S Qxxx
is not exactly good bridge when you have other alternative contracts
such as 3NT.

Eric Leong

I meant eight card spade suit. Anyway, no peeking is not my forte. I
am just not opening any 13 count and partner has shown basically a sub-
minimum hand by bidding 2H. Peeking is getting to 3NT. Sorry I am not
good at peeking.

Or posting hands with any point other than

I got a good result!
I got a good result!
Look at ME, I got a good result!

Congratulations, you got a good result.

Will in New Haven