Re: Que bids after suit agreement

On Jul 28, 12:33 pm, sofos <papakon...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The auction went, MPs, you vul

part   opp   you  opp
1H      2S    3S    P
 4C     P      ??

You had

Axx  Kxx  KTxx   Kxx

The 4C showed a club control and indicated slam interest.

What now?

My real interest in the board is to see how many find 4D an acceptable
choice with KTxx

I am more than happy to bid 4D on that holding in this auction, but I
think you should wait for the right hand to do so. In classic slam
bidding, this hand requires a second try from partner to move despite
the 4 prime cards. Partner needs a 5 loser hand with good controls to
make slam which is just about right for a second try. You have
already indicated your four cover cards with 3S [admittedly not this
prime]. I want a fourth heart and a doubleton club or a partner who
plays frivolous 3NT to move in this position.

-- Bill Shutts

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