Re: really stupid auction I just had online!

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On Apr 16, 5:31 pm, "Lorne" <lorne_ander...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

(1C) 1H (X) P
( P) 2H ! (P) P

result -2.

I was dummy, and have no idea what partner or the oppo were thinking.
Anyone got any ideas?

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After 2H, the first opponent thought "if partner was willing to play
1Hx, (s)he'll double 2H." Second opponent thought "partner didn't
double again. (S)he wants no part of a doubled contract."

The 2H bidder, of course, forecasted this miscommunication and thus
was a beautifully deep bid.

Which resulted in exactly the same score! Although I guess you're
right that it could have been a beautiful coup if 1H had been going
down more than one. Of course, it could have been a huge
embarrassment if 1H were going to make exactly.

-- Adam