Re: Dist. Pts

On Apr 1, 11:30 am, "bill" <bw1...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Have been playing bridge on and off for 40 years (all duplicate) Play a
very conservative STD. American system.

Anyway, have always played using distributional pts. in my bids, i.e.
singleton added to my 11 hcp's would allow me to open a suit. Always worked
out .

Now I am getting blasted on OKB (I am a 10 yr. member) that I should only
count distr. pts when I have an agreed suit with pard.

This is foreign to me and quite frankly refuse to play that way.

Am I on the way out of the mainstream or do I have a legit. gripe?

tks all


Just say you play Rule of Twenty and you will be back in style.

As another poster noted, using Rule of Twenty has the same result with
the sole exception of a 4441.