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asdfg2k@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (asdfg2k) writes:

> On Sat, 23 Jul 2005 00:04:40 -0700, tb+usenet@xxxxxxxxxx (Thomas
> Bushnell, BSG) wrote:
>>Dwayne Hoffman <keylime@xxxxxxx> writes:
>>> I'd be VERY hesitant about posting on a public forum. Not only do you
>>> have slander potential, but if someone gets it wrong it would lead to
>>> serious consequences.
>>> Cheating is a scourge that must be stopped - public denouncing tho
>>> isn't the way to stop it.
>>I understand the problems you are worried about. At the same time,
>>we've just been told that "everyone" in Italy knew about the recent
>>cheaters, kept them off the national team, refused to play with them,
>>See the problem with people keeping closed-lipped? Those who are in
>>the know can avoid the cheaters, and the rest of us have to play
>>with/against them. That doesn't seem very equitable to me.
> Tough.
> Under no circumstances should anybody support a cure which is worse
> than the disease.

I don't think people are counting the cost of the disease. When we
are told that the disease is easily controlled since you can simply
refuse to play with the cheaters, you assume that everyone is "in the


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