Re: Games and Playing Styles

George W Harris wrote:
::: That may be, but the fault doesn't lie with
::: my writing.
:: It doesn't, huh?
: No, it doesn't. He's twice asked me to defend a
: statement I've never made, once after I've reiterated that
: I've never made it, and he's apparently unable to decipher
: a not particularly intricate compound sentence. This is
: definitely a case of user error.

Which tells us what actually? (except for the subtle implication that
I am stupid - which doesn't bother me in the slightest - I've been
called much worse)

:: The first part of the above quote reads like
:: something out of a propositional-logic textbook,
: Since he can't understand English, I thought
: going to symbology would give him another option.

How about an explanation of your argument in English for the simple
like me then? When someone asks for an explanation the polite thing
to do is to simplify. It just looks like a case of you trying to
wriggle out of the argument ... Come on, help me out here.

: It's not going to win any artistic prizes, but then i
: t's not trying to. It sure as hell isn't misleading or confusing.

I wonder what exactly you are trying to do though. I also notice you
haven't replied to my direct question just below this....