Re: Hitting too often leads to losing game?

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Sometimes I trap so many opponent pieces in front of mine, they actually get
in the way making it difficult to bear off, and often cause me to lose the
game. So, is it generally a bad idea to hit too many opponent pieces? How
many is too many?

A very general question.  You would get a more informed response if
you asked a specific query about the recommended play in a specific
Almost certainly, no, you are not hitting too many checkers.  Hitting
is not usually a mistake in this general situation.

Generally all that seems right, except the "Almost certainly, no,
you are not hitting too many checkers." is much too strong.
Around here our general rule is "it's never wrong to hit" but
there are lots of exceptions to that. In particular if he's playing
someone who understands backgames fairly well and he's
clueless about defending against one then he could well be
hitting too much.

David C. Ullrich

The question of whether to hit or not is a rather subtle one. It's
clear that the OP is a beginner, and is almost certainly making far
more elementary errors than "hitting too much". For example, he
probably doesn't count the shotleavers on the next roll and minimise
this number. Also, he probably bears in too quickly rather than
delaying the bear-in in order to force his opponent to crash. Best to
get the most elementary stuff right first. The question of "hitting
too much or not" can be tackled later.

Supposing for the sake of argument that that's all exactly correct,
it doesn't make your statement "Almost certainly, no, you are not
hitting too many checkers" right.

Paul Epstein

David C. Ullrich