This is how they lose their souls

Cheat and harm people's chance for advancement

Refuse to make amends, instead they will gamble the stolen money on a
dream that loses this time.

Then the timer goes off.

At that point there is no money, in order to fix that problem you have to
work for God's new way.

I wont have any job like that.

The cheats who can pay up and dont........ Bad times ahead my friend. Bad
times ahead.

In order to keep living the dream, they will slip behind, have a chance or
two at a bailot .... then they will slip silently below the point needed
to repay.

As the bailout point fades into the distance, it suddenly reemerges as an
idol. You promise to God, you beg, you believe and yet within a few
moments you have the buyin at 1/2 NL and you are all alone in a world who
doesnt care who you were.

Time drags now.....

You study the numbers on the longshot games you mocked when you won
peoples homes.

Your source of income is gone. New people, old foes run the show now.

Time is almost up for you

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