Re: Is Google working for the Government?

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a couple months ago I said that google was obviously left biased - got
into arguments with a couple posters here.  I can't find the thread now -
my googling abilities are either poor (which is true) or entire threads
disappear (which is true too) - not necessarily because I criticized
google, but they do just disappear.

This is so disturbing, not only do we have an obviously slanted major media,
but we are now also being hit with a one-two punch from the folks at Google.
If this is so, it most certainly is not being done independently, but if you
think about it it must actually be controlled FROM the government.  Are we
on the verge of being in a position where the government just issues a
strike list to suppress whatever it does not like?  Whatever happened to
journalistic integrity, and why is this any different from the "Official"
news agencies of countries like Iran, Cuba, Red China, etc.?

Meanwhile, I suspect we will hear no complaints from the likes of OrangeSFO
and his kind.  Do you remember all the posts he has made in the past
concerning the "terrified Right"?  Well, what is the LEFT afraid of?
(besides truth).


I know what you mean Paul. I try to Google about the voices in my
head. All I get are are URLs for sites that would discredit the notion
that THEY are trying to control me with a large machine called an Air
Loom, or else I get a lot of crackpot sites. There is a bias against
those who know about the ongoing mind control conducted by THEM.