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You state there's no race of REDNECKS, yet math will prove you wrong.
The South is still very racial and the white vote is for whites.
Examples: Texas---Here's a state that has 49% white, with Hispanic and
African American comprising most of the rest. In fact, Latino's are
about 33% with African Americans, Asian American and other
ethinticities encommpassing the rest. If you do the math, unless about
90% plus of the white vote went to McCain, how is Texas RED? How about
Georgia? Another RED state with 30% Afro American. Yet with 95% of the
them voting for Obama, it still goes to McCain. I wonder what
percentage of whites voted for Obama?

The Klu Klux Klan is about ethnic cleansing. The South was pro slavery
when the United States was formed. The Klan is still around, the
REDNECKS are still around. All Nazi's didn't wear leather jackets or
boots. If the white vote went the way or even close to the way it went
in the rest of the US, Obama would have won every state. New England
has the highest percentage of whites by far. Every New England state
went to Obama. You can't win this fight since it's a known fact the
South is more racial than other parts of the country. African
Americans always went North if they could afford to in order to escape
the racism.

And then you talk about me not knowing what I'm talking about? Hell,
the Nazi party always supported the KKK and Aryan Brotherhood. Hey
boy, shine my shoes:). Or do your math:).

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I didn't come close to stating all whites voted for McCain. Just as
about 95% of the Afro Anericans voted for Obama, I believe 100% of the
REDNECKS voted for McCain. New England states, excluding Mass. have
close to a 99% white ethenticity. They all went Obama. I just do the
math. With all the Afro Americans and Latino's in the southern states,
how can these states not have gone blue if even 20% of the white
population voted for Obama. I can't understand how Louisiana could go
red after being treated the way they were after Katrina. The
difference between the races weren't that the Afro's were voting as
much out of racism, as out of pride. In my life time, I saw them
denied going to restaurants, turned out of hotels and other things.
States like Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire are almost 100% white, yet
they all went Obama. This being the case, how could southern states
with white populations of about 60%-70% white all have gone for McCain
with the huge disparity in the vote?

There is a race in our country that's like the Nazi's. These are your
REDNECKS. They vote one way.

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news:976186b9-5100-451f-b25e-62a415b3871d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>Racismcan'teven be close to being eliminated in the South. With all

the African Americans and Latino's voting for Obama, most of these>states still went McCain. This has to mean almost every white voted

for McCain. Even Indiana, the state that started the KKK went BLUE.

So all the African Americans and Latin's voting for obama isn't racist? But
every white who voted for mcCain is?

Lets see, the Nazis wore leather jack-boots and were art
connoisseurs... not sounding like any of the rednecks I know.

Like they did with the gypsy population... the Nazis would likely view
rednecks as inferior (sound familiar) and round them up.

There's no 'race' of rednecks (again with the Nazi jargon).

I pick on them all the time (hypocritically I might add)... but I come
from that background. �Bush and those like him are not either, btw.
He hails from wealth, power, and privilege. �In short - dude - you
have no idea what a redneck actually is. �Your definition seems to be
any white person who is racist and hails from the South. �I don't like
those people either, but yeah... that's not redneck, that's small-
minded a-hole, and you find them all over.

Anyway, I get (and agree) with the general gist of your post. �Just a
little clarification... don't be hating on what you don't know.- Hide quoted text -

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