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rentzer wrote:

I use to play world of warcraft and was pretty addicted. Ever since COD4 has
come out, I have quit playing wow, and now love playing COD4. Its the best on
XBOX 360. I played it on PS3 and the controls are not as good.

Ha. I'm loving it. PS3 is the suck!

FYI Trout

We always knew the Xbox 360 failure rate was high, but the only time
Microsoft's put any sort of solid numbers on the thing it was always
somewhere around 5%. Retailers, on the other hand, have just reported
a failure rate of somewhere over 30%. That's pretty ridonkulous. It's
a good thing Microsoft support is usually pretty good about taking
them back, so you don't have to go all Picard and shout about how many
lights there are over the phone.

From what we've seen in unconfirmed reports on the Net, the problem
comes from insufficient cooling for the GPU. This in turn causes the
three red lights, which means you're going to have to send back your
360 to Microsoft and possibly get a dirty refurbished unit in return.
If you're really, really lucky (and French), you'll get a unit with
added cooling as well. - Jason Chen

Massive Failure Rate For Xbox 360 Exposed [Smarthouse]

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by agrajag42 at 04:02 PM on 06/22/07 This seems accurate. I know 3
people here that have an XBox 360 and one failed.
The good news is that it only took 7 business days to repair and they
did it for free.
Flag by jeffj-nj at 04:04 PM on 06/22/07 Okay, if that's true, that's
Flag by AWBoy666 at 04:09 PM on 06/22/07 "so you don't have to go all
Picard and shout about how many lights there are over the phone."


I just laughed out loud in Panera so much that people are still
staring at me!
Flag by Adam at 04:11 PM on 06/22/07 While I don't get the reference,
I found this post hilarious since there is an xbox 360 advertisement
directly below it on the main screen...

My launch 360 broke, so did my friend's, but my brother's and the
replacements have been fine.
Flag by Windhawk at 04:11 PM on 06/22/07 I got the Thermaltake
Mobilefan II External USB Cooling FAN.


I tie-wrap it to my Xboxen 360 and it draws power from a nearby USB

Hope that does it till those dirty French learn to share their cooling
Flag by Collins1990 at 04:12 PM on 06/22/07 I'm still going to buy
Flag by quikboy at 04:12 PM on 06/22/07 Lies. It's just that
retailers are trying to cover up the fact that they can't sell as many
Xbox 360's because the Wii and PS3 still have some hype into it. A few
months from now, Xbox 360's will rise in sales.
Flag by rbf2000 at 04:12 PM on 06/22/07 I would trust MS word over
the manger of an EB who is guesstimating returns from a product over a
year ago. He has no support other then his colloquial recollection.

Also, I know when I used to work in customer service at Circuit City
we would never actually test the units when people returned them
defective. Often times, however, people lie about the working
condition of a product because they think they can only return it if
is defective.
Flag by silentbammer at 04:16 PM on 06/22/07 " you don't have to
go all Picard and shout about how many lights there are..."

Hahaha! Nice, spoken like a true nerd, you just made my day.

Well, at least their support is good, so you can say "Darmok and Jalad
on the ocean".

Flag by yoshi at 04:16 PM on 06/22/07 I had my XBOX 360 for about 17
months and it died on me. Fortunately, I purchased the 2 year
replacement plan from Best Buy. I walked in and they replaced it with
a brand new one on the spot.

I know several people that have had to send in their original XBOX 360
for replacement. It's a known problem but it's being taken care of.
Flag by ehouse at 04:20 PM on 06/22/07 I wish i knew what the Picard
comment was referencing.

I've sent my 360 back once . . . the replacement is oh so quiet and
cool. i got lucky. my buddy is on his 3rd in a year and a half.

i don't care how many times mine fails, i'm sticking w/ Microsoft on
this one.
Flag by Sushiwriter at 04:21 PM on 06/22/07 I have to agree with
rbf2000 and quikboy.

I'm sure these EBs and Circuit Citys and Best Buys and such are simply
re-selling returns before finally giving in and sending them back as
truly messed up, jacking the percentage rate.
Flag by OGHowie at 04:21 PM on 06/22/07 I hope this is reported more
widely so MS is forced to redesign the shoddy system.

We're 2 for 2 between my friend and I. Each has failed once. His Hard
Drive also recently failed.
Flag by trampas at 04:22 PM on 06/22/07 AWBoy666: right on the money.
Thankfully I'm in my own office, but I just about split a gut at the
picard reference.

Giz is foony
Flag by OniMirage at 04:24 PM on 06/22/07 @AWBoy666

agreed though I was eating at the time so I didn't laugh but now there
is ginger and green salad all over the place ... sigh
Flag by Kobe_No_Means_No at 04:30 PM on 06/22/07 My Xbox360 is still
at Microsoft right now being repaired... I wish my 360 didn't have to
be repaired, but given the circumstances Microsoft has made the
process as painless as possible. After 1 phone call to diagnose the
problem, they sent me a box to put my 360 in (shipping covered) and
promised me a free 1-month Xbox Live card when I get my system back.
Flag by Cameron G at 04:31 PM on 06/22/07 The Xbox 360 I got at
launch broke a little after a year but it was pretty simple to return
it and have it repaired. They also gave me a new warranty since I got
my console was from the first batch, so that pretty much made up for
some of the inconvienence of having to return it.
Flag by ludwigk at 04:37 PM on 06/22/07 I talked to 11 people, not
cherry picked, who purchased launch X360's. Collectively they
experienced 17 failures in about 15 months.

A coworker of mine went through 4 x360's in 3 months.

I don't have a large enough sample size to be of statistical
significance, but there's a lot of breaking X360's out there.

It's like driving a jaguar. It's got some really strong plusses, but
the damned thing breaks all the time.
Flag by tepui at 04:43 PM on 06/22/07 See... now this is an
interesting approach to breaking a story. "Retailers, on the other
hand, have just reported a failure rate of somewhere over 30%."
Really? Retailers, plural? Actually, the correct summary of the
article is:

This one guy in Australia knows an EBGames manager and that manager
says he thinks the failure rate is about 30%. Actually, the manager
isn't too sure either, since he reports both a failure rate of "close
to 30%" upon launch, but also a failure rate of "well over 30%".

So, no, retailers aren't reporting anything. Some dude in Australia is
passing along hearsay numbers from a manager who isn't exactly sure
what the failure rate is. That's some helpful news, yessir.
Flag by Sternfan91 at 04:44 PM on 06/22/07 mhmmm ridonkulous I heard
that word used on Mike and Mike on ESPN lol...but I probably still
won't be able to talk my brother out of buying one beause he wants
Mass Effect....
Flag by ggraves82 at 04:50 PM on 06/22/07 In my personal experience,
the failure rate has been 100%, 5 for 5. Mine, my brother's, and all 3
of my 360-owning friends have tanked.

That said, I really have to hand it to Microsoft. The service is
outstanding. Seven-day phone-call-to-new-unit turnaround. Mine was
also a refurb, but personally I don't see a problem with that. My unit
was over a year old anyway.

Hate the RRoD, still adore my 360.
Flag by skinned at 04:50 PM on 06/22/07 I can't vouch for the numbers
but I can say that I have 7 good friends with 360's and so far three
of us had to turn them in. Given the numbers thrown out here and
personal experience, I'm not sure 30% would be a big stretch.

Of these three returns one was quick and easy, the other was a 3 month
nightmare and mine is still pending after 2 weeks. I can't wait to see
how dirty my replacement is. Regardless of how good the service is, it
really is a pain in the ass.

Flag by radwansk at 04:53 PM on 06/22/07 Typical Microsoft quality. I
don't know why people keep buying their crap. As for the jaguar
reference...notice the amount of people that end up buying BMW's in
the end?
Flag by SchruteBuck at 04:54 PM on 06/22/07 THERE.... ARE....
THREE..... LIGHTS......
Or four, just let me out of work.
Flag by rainfever at 04:56 PM on 06/22/07 I've never had an Xbox 360
go bad on me.

I've also never owned an Xbox 360. ;)

....and yes, given these supposed "facts"; I'm still going to buy one.
Flag by mwalker05 at 05:02 PM on 06/22/07 wow, props on that
reference, and props to those who know the episode its from :p
Flag by Convergent_Punk at 05:06 PM on 06/22/07 Use of the non-word
ridonkulous gets you banned from the board.
Flag by Kobe_No_Means_No at 05:29 PM on 06/22/07 I guess Microsoft
made the right gamble though... introducing the Xbox360 early really
hurt Sony this round... I'm sure Microsoft doesn't even care about all
the repairs as long as they're putting more units out there than
Flag by Zadaz at 05:29 PM on 06/22/07 Sure, 7 day turn around is nice
customer service.

You know what would be better? Not having to do it in the first place.

I purchase a lot of gear, but I can't remember the last time I've had
to box something up and return it.

Wait, yes I can. It was a receiver I bought ten years ago.

Microsoft, I know hardware isn't your core business, but Internet
rumor or not I'm not plunking down my money until I feel more
confident about the quality.
Flag by Yarg_the_Pirate at 05:30 PM on 06/22/07 Anyone thats worked
in a retail store that sells any sort of technology knows that a lot
of stuff comes back as "broken" just because the customer doesn't want
it, esp if there are restocking fees involved.

This doesn't explain the huge difference in numbers but it could be
part of it.
Flag by Klaw at 05:33 PM on 06/22/07 Keep the F-ing thing upright and
it "might" not overheat... the main problem is it's too small a case
with 3 white-hot G5s in there... look at how the G5 towers were
designed, for insane amounts of airflow, and there was a reason for
that. Most people leave these flat, jammed under a DVD player or some
other junk, leave them on 24/7... and wonder why they die. The
consumer needs to be a little responsible for proper maintenance even
if admittedly it is a suspect design.
Flag by Kobe_No_Means_No at 05:36 PM on 06/22/07 Over-heating is not
the only issue. A lot of the issues are with the DVD drive, so even if
you put your Xbox360 in the freezer it's still going to malfunction.
Flag by quikboy at 05:48 PM on 06/22/07 PS3's and Wii's are probaly
going to have just as a high failure rate (or even more) when they've
stood out longer. It's only been like 1/2 a year so far. So just wait,
and then you'll see.
Flag by Drnksq at 05:48 PM on 06/22/07 My buddy just had to return
his X Elite. It worked for approximately one week. Then Fried.

I wonder if the unit Gates has runs hot?
Flag by dabu at 05:57 PM on 06/22/07 Yes, there should a ban on
ridonkulous or any other stupid iteration of that word.
Flag by uomolinux at 06:08 PM on 06/22/07 What I was reporting a few
months ago was right, 30% to possibly 50% failure rate, I was getting
flame seconds after posting, strange. Some gamers had to return the
refurbished console 4 times... and still counting...

Flag by Malamus at 06:10 PM on 06/22/07 I have to say bs on this one.
Do you really think Microsoft is that unwise to release a product with
a 30% failure rate. I know its not very indicative of the general
population, but I bought my 360 second hand about a year ago from a
friend who I knew abused it (call me a good samaritan), and it hasn't
died on me yet even though the average temperature here is in the mid
80's-90s. Same goes for about 7 of my friends, one of whom keeps it
stuffed under his cabinet horizontally (bottom vents are covered by
Flag by odnet at 06:30 PM on 06/22/07 never had a problem with my 360
and I crank that puppy out, my younger brother has had 2 fail on him
though. I dont think its 30% but I do think its much higher than 5%.
Flag by strider_mt2k at 07:27 PM on 06/22/07 Shaka, when the walls
Flag by kycheese82 at 07:38 PM on 06/22/07 I had to register just so
I could post a comment complimenting you on your Picard reference!
Flag by xacked at 07:51 PM on 06/22/07 Hahaha startrek quote...sounds
like me shouting at Concast customer service about my cable modem:

"theh ahhh foooow laaaaaaghts daaahm yooow"
Flag by Techguy1138 at 08:48 PM on 06/22/07 the linked article seems
to mention numerous written complains and other ancitodal data.

MS will never cop to the % of falty units because it's bad busniess if
the number isn't 0%.

Think of it this way boeing has a 99.9+% sucesss rate on the space
shuttle engine.
%30 is pretty damn high though even I doubt that. It's just so high
it's unbelievable

Flag by bitfactory at 09:13 PM on 06/22/07 The number is at least
30%. Look at it this way, they wouldn't have spent the $ to now
include a new cooling apparatus in the newly repaired boxes.

I'm on my 3rd. Open ventilation, etc... I get mine at Costco, though.
Once they red-ring, I just return it for a new one - why box something
up and send it in? What is this, 1990? Anyway, now that Costco has
changed their electronics return policy, my current 360 is
grandfathered in with the unlimited return time. Once this one craps
out on me, it goes to Costco's 2 year warranty.
Flag by Balance_In_Life (PSN) at 09:18 PM on 06/22/07 @Sushiwriter:
Actually i know for a fact Best Buy won't sell a referb. They send it
back to MS and get credit for the return at the end of each month. IF
it is in the 1 year manufactures warranty. If it is past that then the
store takes the hit which they are budgeted for.
Flag by bbfreak at 09:56 PM on 06/22/07 I've yet to meet anyone who
hasn't had any sort of trouble with their 360 within a years time.
Indeed, without buying the extended warranty you can pretty much
expect it to die a month or two after the manufacture warranty. Thats
the way it happened with me, because I got a launch system and since
my brother bought it on Amazon it didn't have an extended warranty.
That would be perfectly fine if the 360 along with games and
accessories wasn't such a huge investment. That being said, I'm still
going to buy another 360, but not until the Core system drops in price
and this time I'm going to get a two year extended warranty.

Of course I doubt it'll last that long without being a pain in the
arse, but even though the 360 seems to have obvious trouble for anyone
who has ever owned one, the 360 does have the games. The very
expensive 60 dollar games, 120 dollars just for two games! Whoot!
Anyway, point is that the failure rate of the 360 is ridiculous.
Flag by Kamurai at 10:37 PM on 06/22/07 I'm now onto my 5th Xbox 360
and while all of my replacements have been free it leaves me with a
bad impression of the MS 360 Hardware division. To be fair, I love
playing games on my Xbox 360, but if I have to get it repaired once
every 5 months and suffer 1-2 weeks downtime each time...I just can't
see myself purchasing future MS products with much regularity. On the
other hand I've owned my PS3 since launch day and played it to death
with no sort of freezing, crashing or other issues. Is this maybe
because Sony didnt rush thier system out of production to be first to
market? Why has this single hardware issue with the Xbox 360 not been
corrected since it was first discovered? Who knows, surely MS cannot
be profiting from the negative spin this puts on thier system or the
impact it has on thier hardware sales margins (Not that console
hardware ever really makes money, Nintendo DS aside). Naturally I
really hope MS fixes this problem as I would like to continue to
support thier product, I really like my Xbox 360 but the maintainance
is too high for a piece of equipment that has a sole purpose of
entertaining me.
Flag by FightOn at 11:58 PM on 06/22/07 I don't believe it. I've had
the same 360 since launch and it's loud but I leave it on for days at
a time, play marathons of games with intense graphics and never had a
single problem. I've also thrown it in my checked baggage when flying
numerous times without more than some clothes as protection and it
sits in my frequently tread living room where it gets kicked all the
time to the point where I actually have to pop some of the parts back
into place. The only thing I do is make sure the power source isn't
completely covered, so obviously you can tell my 360 has taken quite
the abuse over the years, yet it's still running just fine to this
Flag by FightOn at 12:00 AM on 06/23/07 @bbfreak: Now you've met me
and I didn't buy any extended warranty or had to have it repaired. And
I've had the same console since launch.
Flag by Mystakill at 12:06 AM on 06/23/07 It took almost a month and
a half, but I just received my third Xbox 360 from the service center
today; that makes four 360's since launch. Now I'm fighting with MS to
get reimbursed for 15000 Marketplace Points so that my wife and kids
can play games without having to sign in as me (thereby letting my
kids bypass the family settings...)
Flag by dink23 at 12:46 AM on 06/23/07 So when you have 10 million
units on the market after 18 months years and you are still outselling
Sony 2:1, I guess things aren't so bad for MS. I also like the fact
that they extended all of the warranties to 12 months. In addition, I
bought MS' 2 year extended warranty (which now is a 3 yar warranty-
which is longer warranty than I would have received from Best Buy or
Circuit City because their extended warranties start on the day of
purchase, however I wish Costco would have had them on launch day
because their "free warranty" rocks.)

For the record, I am on my 3rd 360. Launch day one froze up
occasionally so I got it replaced while I was vacation, second one
scratched a disc so I got it exchanged just because. I still would
have rather have had it replaced rather than waiting a year for MS to
get all the bugs out prior to launching the system as it is clearly
the best gaming system on the market. Plus their warranty allows me to
occasionally get a better running one for 36 months.
Flag by Kobe_No_Means_No at 02:42 AM on 06/23/07 Wow you guys were
correct, I just received my Xbox360 back from Microsoft repairs and
it's indeed a different refurbished unit. However, this new unit
doesn't work either!! I can't believe it!! I guess I'll have to call
Microsoft again tomorrow and start the whole process all over again.
Sucks big time!
Flag by rob himself at 04:35 AM on 06/23/07 @FightOn:

I used to treat all my game consoles that way except for my 2nd 360. I
took my first one traveling a lot and it died on me two months ago. It
ran a bit hotter than my friends' 360s but I thought nothing of it
until it gave me the red rings. So right away I assumed the constant
moving around might have jostled some things out of whack or whatever.

But as for the failure rate dealy, it shouldn't be acceptable at all
and microsoft should be working on it as this is being typed. Even
though it shouldn't be acceptable, I bought another gamestop warranty
(I can't wait a week or more to get my xbox back) just in case it
happens again. contradictions abound.
Flag by uptonogood at 05:13 AM on 06/23/07 what kind of retards are
some of you people? if i bought a laptop and it failed on me once,
alright i can accept that. if the second one busted as well, i would
move on. MOVE ON. your system is shit.
Flag by Kobe_No_Means_No at 04:17 PM on 06/23/07 @uptonogood: Easy on
the language buddy, take your anger somewhere else.
Flag by Mario at 12:29 AM on 06/24/07 360 kicks ass..... friend o
mine has had one for almost a year with zero problems.
Flag by blacknoir at 09:00 AM on 06/25/07 It took mine 1 year and 5
months before I got the final ring of death just last week. The towel
trick worked for 1 day and then it started failing again. I bought
another one with an extended warranty this time.
Flag by mrAnderson at 02:34 PM on 06/25/07 I have an interesting spin
to the story: my launch 360 likes to freeze quite frequently... but
thats as bad as it's been so far ..... knock on laminated medium
density fiberboard .... ooo, my cubicle partition framing is wood.
Flag by FerrariGTO at 06:31 PM on 06/25/07 ~AQUAOSX

Haha yea I understand, I live in the Bay Area as well. Northern
California people are way cooler and laid back. Unlike Southerners,
who use 90% of the worlds hairspray and gel just to look cool. Sorry
that was a bad comparison. But yea I know where you are coming from.
Flag by OldSchoolGadgetLover at 06:36 PM on 06/25/07 What the heck
are you guys doing to your 360's? They are not meant to be used as
snowboards or step ladders.

I have many friends and family members that own and play Xbox 360s,
none of which have broken. But that obviously doesn't mean that
Microsoft has a 100% quality rate.

Big businesses like Microsoft use a quality methodology called 6
sigma, which means striving for 3 defects in every 1 million
opportunities to create one, just like most other fortune 100

That is because mistakes typically cost lots more money that the
original product costs to build. But building a single Xbox 360 may
present 1,000 opportunities to make an error that would result in
complete unit failure, in which case 1 defective unit in every 333
would be six sigma quality (ie really good).

But my guess is 1 defective unit in every 3 units produced (100 times
greater error rate than acceptable) would put the gaming part of
Microsoft out of business in a few months. It would certainly get the
attention of senior management, and the unemployment line would grow
rapidly. I don't recall seeing that happen over at MS. And they blamed
their first quarter profitability gap on not selling as many units as
they projected due to Wii and PS3 competition, and I pretty much
believe that to be true.

So that quality stat is really hard to swallow.
Flag by robinandtami at 06:42 PM on 06/25/07 My launch 360 is still
going...... sort of. The DVD drive is failing. I have to put eject and
re-insert game discs multiple times before it will read. I'm in a
gaming clan that has more than 500 members, so I have a pretty good
sampling. It seems like the people who do have problems..... go
through multiple boxes, while I know alot of people who are still on
their launch boxes without problems. I think there may be issues with
people who try to put them in crowded entertainment centers without
enough ventilation for the console or the power supply. That may be an
explanation for why some people go through 4 or more while some people
have had no issues.

MS does need to fix it though. We really shouldn't have to coddle the
thing to keep it working.

But anyway 30%? I don't think it's that high, but it's probably at
least 15%.

Flag by rockytliu at 10:51 AM on 11/23/07 So far out of the 5 xbox I
bought, 3 failed with the red ring of death. Considering the 2 that
are still functioning are rarely used (one I got for my brother, he
doesn't have time to play it much anymore, the other is left at my US
home with my parents, and I go back a few times a year), I'd say the
failure rate is much much higher than 30%.... more like 60%-70%.

The last one I have here just failed today, and I'm seriously pissed
off. I now have 3 bricks sitting next to my desk... going to have to
take them all in for repair now.... at least it is still withing the 3
year warranty... MS really screwed up with the QC on this one!
Flag by cnbcjane at 03:06 PM on 11/26/07
I'm a reporter at cnbc putting together a story on people having
problems with their original xbox360s (my own son just sent his off to
be fixed). Let me know if anyone is willing to talk about this.
Microsoft still not disclosing failure rates. jane.wells@xxxxxxxxxx


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