Re: Poker Long Shot

Maybe I'm an idiot but the odds of getting any pair of jacks (or any other
pair) is 221/1 so the odds of getting dealt JJ four times in a row is 221^4
or 2,385,443,281. As far as symantics go the odds of any player being dealt
the same pair (not counting suits) on 4 consecutive deals at any point in
time is about 2.4 billion to one but even if that happened the next deal as
an independent event would still have a 221/1 chance of being dealt pocket
JJ. Then again I majored in beer so my calculations are probably wrong.

"da pickle" <jcpickels@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
"Edward Hutchison"

A poker dealer has sworn to me that he recently dealt the same player a
of Jacks on four consecutive hands. He asked what the odds are of this

I believe him.