Re: middle pocket pairs. calling when overcards hit the flop and you get raised.

The first hand was a very different situation. The betting went like this.

Middle Position (MP) raises, Big Blind(BB) 3bets before the flop. BB has
declared a strong hand and is representing a big pair or a strong ace.

The flop comes up 2 diamonds and 2 aces. BB bets. MP raises. BB thinks
it is unlikely that the MP would raise with an ace and thinks it unlikely
the MP would raise with a hand containing a seven. He puts MP on a flush
draw and correctly assumes that MP is trying to slow down the action.
Also, he 3bet before the flop so he can continue to represent an ace in
this situation. Therefore he re-raises.

On the turn, BB throws out another probing bet knowing he will probably
get raised if MP has an ace. He gets flatcalled so he knows he's against
a flush draw or bigger pocket pair. His bet is correct because if he
checks, his opponent will bet the bigger pocket pair but often take the
free card if he is on a flush draw.

On the river, no diamond comes. BB correctly checks to induce a bluff and
to possibly save a bet against a better pair. Pretty straightforward play
of the hand.

In the second hand, the one where u were involved, the only hands you can
beat are hands that require a ten like AT, QT, 9T. There is no flush
draw. You have two of the tens so it is unlikely he has any of those
hands. Also it is highly unlikely the big blind would check-raise with a
draw, especially a gutdraw, and risk having u 3bet the field and kill his
odds. You are most likely against a king or a jack. Easy laydown.

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