Re: Looking for the recipe for "pulse", the food that Daniel ate in the Old Testament

The Hebrew word for pulse in Daniel 1:12 is

zeroa` zay-ro'-ah

or zeraSon {zay-raw-ohn'}; from 2232; something
sown (only in the plural), i.e. a vegetable (as

There is another reference to pulse in 2 Samuel 17:28, but the Hebrew
word here is

qaliy kaw-lee'

or qaliyi {kaw-lee'}; from 7033; roasted ears of
grain:--parched corn.

The reference in Daniel indicates vegetables, not just one.
The reference in 2 Samuel is parched corn.

Thank you for your comments. I will keep looking:)


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>> I am looking for a recipe for "pulse", the food that Daniel ate
>> in the Old Testament.
>You aren't going to get anywhere without knowing the Hebrew word
>(and what it means).
>There is a Jewish cooking group, I think, they might know.
>"Pulse" in English means a legume, which in Daniel's time and
>place would presumably be ful medames (broad beans, field beans).
>But the translators might have been guessing as much as I am.
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