Re: Questions regarding Martha Stewart encapsulated aluminum base saucepan

On 18 Apr 2007 21:02:19 -0700, John2005 <johnjmechanical@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

....I prefer to buy American whenever I can.

Well, you won't be buying much, then, so your savings should grow quickly. 8;)

I also did not realize that the bottom of the pan is made from
encapsulated aluminum. Does this mean that there is a aluminum piece
"sandwiched" between two pieces of stainless steel ?


Will my food or
boiling water ever come in contact with aluminum ?


Does the stove
burner come in contact with aluminum ?


I thought the whole pan was stainless steel.

I know some people cook with aluminum, but I prefer stainless.

You won't if you try both straight stainless and clad pans (as the aluminum or
copper sandwich-type are called). Stainless is a relatively poor conductor, and
prone to conducting hot spots straight through to the food. I have never met
anyone who prefers straight stainless pans.

Lastly, can anyone recommend a decent line of stainless steel cookware
that is reasonably priced and made in America ? I don't mind paying a
little more for American made....

I will be interested in any replies -- I seriously doubt that such products
exist. I also doubt, in this era of global trade, that you or anyone else can
backtrack pot and pan production to tell where all stages of production from raw
materials take place. It's the same with cars -- I'd wager that there is not a
single production car made entirely with components made in the US.

I would recommend the Tramontina clad line carried by WalMart. It's made in
South America, though. I have no idea where the steel and aluminum are sourced.

-- Larry