Re: tea kettle with spinning top

Hello Gerald,

Google works just fine. Here's what I found in five minutes:

I used the following search phrases exactly as indicated (including the quotes): "Alton Brown" "Good Eats" "tea kettle"

The results are here:

The very first hit was a Slashdot thread about a (then) upcoming Q&A with Alton Brown, in which queries were posted regarding his "cool gadgets." Someone wanted to know about the insane ("rocket") tea kettle:

As you can see,a respondent mentioned that it was formerly available from the Gevalia catalog. Another respondent wrote that a friend had found one in Prague. Yet a third respondent recommended checking the area of that discusses Alton Brown's equipment. Looking there, I found the following information at (scroll down to the final item listed):

Make: Kamenstein Collection / Motion Kettles
Model: Rocket
Price: $70.00

When the pot boils, the top spins around from the steam jetting out from the two rockets on the side.
Made of highly polished 18/8 stainless steel. Holds 2 ½ quarts.
Barclay's Coffee: $79.95 ($10.00 off if you mention this website when ordering) $69.99 (discontinued, no longer being made by the manufacturer)

I assume that's the kettle you're interested in?

There's a better photo of it on Amazon:

However, the "Kamenstein MKI Design World of Motion Steam-Driven Rocket Kettle" has apparently been discontinued and seems rather difficult to find.

Amazon no longer stocks it:

And many have posted it in eBay's "Want It Now" section, as you can see in these Google search results:

But keep an eye on eBay, and perhaps contact the manufacturer for more info:

M. Kamenstein Inc.
565 Taxter Road
Elmsford, NY 10523
(914) 785-8000

Good luck!

Gerald I. Evenden wrote:
On one Alton Brown Good Eats show, he featured a tea kettle
that I would dearly like to find.

The body of the kettle was either brushed aluminum or stainless
steel with brass accents (rivets or straps) and with the
unmistakable feature of a top that rotated from the
escaping steam. Reminiscent of a Archimedes steam engine.

I have Googled myself out and looked through many pages of
tea kettles to no avail.

Does anyone have any idea who manufactures that kettle and/or
where it is sold.

Many thanks in advance.