Re: Ever cut your own hair???

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On Wed, 03 Aug 2011 22:29:42 -0400, Brooklyn1 wrote:

it's a perfect hat for being
on a tractor for hours.

I thought your tractor had a roof and AC? That's what you said a few
years ago.

One tractor has a cab, one doesn't. The roof of the cab only offers
shade when the sun is directly overhead. But the glass of the cab,
and it's mostly glass, actually magnifys the sun rays, and AC has
nothing to do with blocking the sun's rays... plenty of people in
homes and cars with AC spend hours with the sun streaming in onto
their exposed skin... cooled air does nothing to block sun's rays. And
sun's rays reflect same as they do when one is out on the water or
skiing. People in ordinary automobiles really should be using sun
screen but more importantly need to cover exposed skin and wear a wide
brimmed hat (sun screen creams are not really very effective, gives a
false sense of security), even on cloudy days the sun's rays damage
skin. Most skin cancers are attributed to sun bathing 30-40 years
ago. Laying out in the sun and going to tanning salons is just as
idiotic as smoking cigarettes. I don't mow on rainy days, mowing is
done in hot sun when grass is dry... and each time I change direction
I'm exposed to sun from a different angle, exposure is pretty even. I
spend about equal time on both: