Re: Cranberry sauce recipe from Hungary-Man TV Dinner?

"aem" <aem_again@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On Oct 24, 7:28 pm, Dave Boland <dbola...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The cranberry-apple sauce used in the Turkey Hungary-Man TV dinner seems
to be liked by many (as opposed to the more traditional cranberry sauce
recipes). Does anyone know where I can find a recipe that is close to
this one?

Sounds like something easy to experiment with. I like cranberry-
orange relish better than straight cranberries, personally.

Just curious: how in the world do you back up a statement like,
"the ...sauce...seems to be liked by many...." Based on what? -

Based on the many that buy the turkey Hungry Man TV dinners. Or else, they
wouldn't be buying these dinners?

It's so simple, even a cave man can figure it out