Re: Cider (or lack thereof) rant

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On Sat 27 Sep 2008 03:24:19p, Saerah Gray told us...

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I think I'm going to MacGyver some hard cider this year (think
organic apple from a u-pick for the yeast, and a baloon with holes
the airlock. ) A friend of mine did this a few years ago and it was

I never thought about using a balloon. Maybe that would work for my
kimchi, too ;-) That way I could enjoy the smell of it all day long
and tell when it's ready without having to open it.

How do you get a clean hole that won't rip under pressure?


My friend used a safety pin. We aren't friends any more, so I can't
her; I was thinking of just winging it if I did... or google when the
time comes ;)

Why, did she prick you with her safety pin?

eh. Wildly variant lifetyles and we just stopped talking... I actually
tried calling her a while back, but it was disconnected.


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