Re: Food prices are getting idiculous

"Paul M. Cook" <pmcook@xxxxxxx> wrote in message

I'm a very careful shopper myself but there is no way an adult can eat
healthfully on $1.66 a day, not in the US of A on $1.66/day, and
nowhere on the planet is food less expensive, still it can't be done.

I tend to agree. I just spent $26 on 13,000 calories worth of food
at Grocery Outlet (most of it organic, all of it healthful).
At 2000 calories/day that would come to $4/day/adult. Doing it on
less than half that would seem quite a stretch, but maybe it's possible
if you have a large component of basic starches and dried beans,
and if you buy those cheaply.

(And you have to consider the energy costs of cooking dried beans