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The run of the mill stuff I buy--chuck, sirloin tip, london broil,
can be had for $1.99 to $2.50 a pound. These particular cuts
were 3.99+ at Costco. Ground beef was $2.99 a pound. The
cheapest, fattiest ground beef.

The boneless chicken thighs were okay at $1.99 a pound.

You can argue all you want, the quality and value was just not

Yeah, but you buy pre-shredded cheese, so what do you know? LOL

Hmm. I've seen people buy pre-shredded cheese. I think Rachel Ray does
so, doesn't she? For busy people.

Dee Dee
You know, that's just something I can't bring myself to do. Pre-shredded
or pre-chopped anything just doesn't seem right to me. I mean we're
taught that veggies and fruits begin to deteriorate as soon as we cut into
them -- why doesn't it happen to the store-bought stuff?

I'm of the same mind, Janet. But I guess some people live busy lives. One
thing I don't use are the skinned baby carrots. I've found if you let them
soak, they give off some sort of milky substance in the water. To me, this
means that there is something a-goin' on here. I bought a pack of
vegetables already prepped at f-i-l's apartment, I can't recall what all was
in it, but those teensy-weensy carrots were in there. I suppose they put
something like sulphites/sulfites in/on them to keep everything fresh.

I don't buy the apples that are already prepped either. Main reason is that
I use lemon or lime to keep them fresh when I use them in a salad. I'm
wondering what is used on them.

Yes, I agree that veggies and fruits begin to deteriorate as soon as we cut
into them. I wonder how much vitamins are also drained from those sprayers
at the supermarket's produce. Oh, well, will stop here, I guess one cold
consider it a rant after the third paragraph ;-))

Dee Dee