Re: OT: External floppy drive?

notbob wrote:

Arri London wrote:

As it's an old comp, not keen to haul it to the PC ho$pital. It does
have USB ports and there are fairly cheap external floppy drives around.

How old is that computer? If it's USB 1.0 old, forget it. Slow as a
floppy drive. USB 1.1 is ten times faster than USB 1.0 and will be
better than a floppy. Do like many suggest and get a new floppy drive.
I'll walk you through the changeover. It's usually harder getting the
case open than changing a floppy drive. Some of those cases are like
Chinese puzzle boxes. No surprise as most are made in China. ;)



It's 8 years old and has only needed any service once; a crash caused by
an update to an antiviral programme. Even the emergency boot disk didn't
get it running that time LOL. Other things (software style that is) I've
managed to fix.

The manual that came with the comp gives clear directions on how to open
up the case and in what order to remove the parts. Don't know what
version USB it is; the manual doesn't say.

Maybe just not going to bother with this for now. What's on the floppies
is just data/written materials that can be transferred to the ancient
laptop. No programmes other than the emergency boot disk. If it crashes
that badly again then who knows.