Re: What's a good substitute for canned green chiles?

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I posted a couple months ago how it's impossible to find canned
enchilada sauce in New York. Well, guess what? I found something else
they don't sell here. Canned green chiles.

I got a craving for Green Chile Chicken Stew, and bought everything
else I need to make it. Discover nobody here has even HEARD of canned
green chiles. On the plus side, I can find maybe fifty different types
of FRESH green chiles. Anybody got ideas on substituting? The recipe
calls for 3 4.5 cans of green chiles. Maybe like 4 fresh poblanos?
Can I roast them in the oven, or under the broiler? I *hate* doing
them on the burners: they need too much attention.

Thanks in advance!

Sure, roast them in your oven. I do it really hot - 450 or 500. When
they are soft and blackened in spots pull them out and cover with
plastic wrap (or put into a plastic zipper bag) and let cool. Once cool
they will be easy to peel and seed. Chop them up and use them like the