Re: kitchenaid TV offer

On 7 Sep 2005 23:57:04 -0700, "nancy a" <kevinrfoote@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Don't know if you've seen the TV spot, but the offer seems pretty good
>and I wanted to share it. There selling the high-end mixer for $299.
>Plus you get attachments & gadgets & cookbook. I ordered one and it
>came in 3 days. I don't know the 800 number to order, but there is a
>web site with the offer at

Sounds like a great deal, but be careful as KitchenAid mixers come in
different power levels which equate to how much flour/dough they can
handle. You want to select the one that best suits your individual
needs. The website I qoute below lists the quantities of flour, etc
the machine can comfortably handle. Click on <VIEW> for the model you
are interested in to get the details.
The one in the special has a 325 watt motor. The professional models
come in 400, 450,and 575 watt motors,
To compare the entire KitchenAId line, go to: