Re: Important -- My Facebook account

JJ wrote:
Mary McHugh <emjaycem@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I've apparently been hacked. Ignore any messages from me that came
this afternoon.


That's a drag!! Why would you have been targetted I wonder? Is this
wide spread? Good luck.

The hackers aren't "targeting" anyone. They just use any account they can access to send out their spam. If you use the same username/login info on other websites and on Facebook, and someone hacks into the user database on one of those other sites, they will then try those login credentials on major networking sites like Facebook. This is one reason you want to be careful about using the same password in too many places, especially any place with a lot of users (spam targets). It's also critically important that you don't use the same password for your online banking *anywhere* else, or the same password you use to login to your email, or to login to your computer.

Yes, this means keeping track of a lot of passwords. The risks you run if you don't do this are high - your bank account could get cleared out, someone could hack into your email and spam everyone in your address book AND access your bank account and other accounts (by trying to "recover the lost password" at major sites), etc. Password security is very, very important.