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thank you for the b-day and well wishes for Calvin...he
can finally open his eye w/o my prying it to put medicine
in...he still complains loudly when I bandage him "dang woman
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to show him I put the tape in his moustache hair :>

anyway found the below tonite:

China's famous horse-and-chariot tomb will soon be excavated

Thursday November 29, 04:54 PM
New Delhi, Nov 29 (ANI):
A major excavation work will soon begin at the famous
horse-and-chariot chamber of a 2,400-year old tomb in
central China's Hubei Province.

"Excavation will start on the 131-meter-long horse-chariot sector of
the Xiongjiazhong Tomb before February, 2008," said Yan Pin, director
of the Archaeology Bureau of Jingzhou.

The tomb is more than 100 years older than the tomb containing the
terracotta army, and is the largest and best preserved yet found in
China from the State of Chu.

The excavation was formally launched in August 2006 after three
comprehensive surveys of the tomb that were made since 1979, and the
work has been progressing scoop by scoop, with the usage of the state-
of-the-art mapping and computerized technology.

"We have found more than 30 horse-and-chariot pits arrayed in a row in
the tomb. It is the largest of such finds from the Warring States
Period," Xinhua quoted Yan, as saying.

The archaeologists still do not know the occupant of the tomb, which
covers an area of 60,000 square meters, but many scholars suspect that
the master of the tomb was one of the 11 kings, who ruled the State of

"The great probability is that the tomb is of King Zhao of Chu, named
Xiong Zhen, who was the last king of the state," said Xu Wenwu, a
professor with the Changjiang University.

It is most likely that the tomb is expected to be turned into a
museum, like that of the tomb of the terracotta warriors in the
mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shihuang in Shaanxi. (ANI)