Using Spider-Web Patterns To Determine Toxicity of Marijuana

SPIDERS on marijuana are so laid back, they weave just so much of
their webs and then ... well, it just doesn't seem to matter any more.
On the soporific drug chloral hydrate, they drop off before they even
get started.

A spider's skill at spinning its web is so obviously affected by
the ups and downs of different drugs that scientists at NASA's
Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama think spiders could replace
other animals in testing the toxicity of chemicals.

Different drugs have varying effects on the average arachnid
addict. On benzedrine, a well-known upper, the house spider spins its
web with great gusto, but apparently without much planning, leaving
large holes. On caffeine it seems unable to do more than string a few
threads together at random.

Using Spider-Web Patterns To Determine Toxicity of Marijuana is like
using Scorpions to Determine Behavioral Patterns in Schizophrenics.

LSD and THC affect higher brain functions in the Neocortex, an area of
the brain which Spiders lack.
It is highly unlikely that they would react to drugs in the same way
people would.
And it is more than likely that this is just another hoax "informing"
us about the Dangers of Marijuana.

Has anyone actually seen any of those videos in which the Spiders
weave their webs while on drugs?


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