Re: Which turning tools to go with?


I think a bazillion of us here use the Woodcraft slow speed grinder
with the 60g wheel on the left, and the 120g wheel on the right. It is
a cheap, reliable grinder that comes with wheels that are probably
worth more than the grinder.

I used to think this was the only way to go. Slow speed grinder,
friable (white, pink, blue or green) wheels.

However, we have had some notable turners come to our little club, and
they can ably sharpen on anything that will turn a grinding wheel. A
collective gasp came up from our group when one of them showed up with
his own grinder, and it was a CHEAP 6" ($39 from Harbor Freight!) and
he has absolutely no problems with his sharpening.
It had one grey wheel, and one white wheel as he was too cheap to put
on a new white wheel until the old grey one was so small he was hollow
grinding everything he sharpened.

I swear, you could almost hear the sobs of the group as they thought of
how much they had spent on their sharpening setups.

I have a 36 grit pink wheel I got at WC that I use to reshape my
grinds. I burned my HSS tools with the 60g that was on it. Too fine a
wheel will burn your tools as it takes to long to remove the material.
I have different wheels from different sources, and I tend to use what
is on the grinder. However, the reason I think most use the WoodCraft
grinder is that they regularly have them on sale, and they area about
the price of two good wheels or one really great one, so if you get the
grinder in the deal (last sale they were something like $79) why not?

Until you get your sharpening technique perfected, don't hesitate to
build yourself a good stand and jig for your grinder. Different jigs
make different grinds, but a jig will help you with your repeatability
until you get the hang of things. Check these out:

And don't miss this one for one of the most comprehensive discussions
on sharpening from a real expert:

Good luck!



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