Re: I want to share with you

On Oct 15, 6:49 pm, "Shillelagh" <m...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
a lovely couple of hours this afternoon.

It was warm and sunny, around 22°C, so I took a snack of crackers, cheese
and a glass of wine out to my screened porch. My little cockatiel came with
me, along with the latest issue of Canadian Home & Country. This is when
you wish the day would last forever, it was that nice.

I shared some cheese and crackers with my little pet, and enjoyed the
articles on Christmas (!) to come. To be honest, I prefer a day like today
to snow, but the snow is inevitable - probably see the first one around the
end of the month. The forecast is for at least two more days like this, so
will do again what I did today - I also spent some time planting spring

Sounds like a lovely day, Shelagh. I spent most of the day studying,
then did a bit of Christmas shopping. Then I went to a lecture. There
no sitting outside here today, as it rained and rained and rained.
When I
walked home tonight, there were literally waves washing up onto the
sidewalk on Sherbrooke Street. I went deeper than my ankles a couple
of times!

Katherine (who is eating chocolate and sipping a potent potable to
herself up!)