Re: My IMP ... LOL

Dee Dee your imp is just so cute, and I am sure he helps take your mind off
problems - do take care of yourself - that is very important at this
stage -everything else can wait I will keep you in my prayers God Bless

"Dee Dee" <ddonath1@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Isn't he cute? He looks so friendly and kind .. kinda wish he were really
here with me to visit.

I made my first big meal yesterday (spaghetti) and invited Jim (husband)
up. I had italian bread with it along with slices of mozzarella cheese and
olives. We had apple crisp for dessert.

I even made fresh coffee!

Then he said something very insensitive and hurt my feelings .... HE got
mad at ME for getting upset (hurt) about it! Geesh! From there it just
got worse ... I got a 72 hour notice for shut off of my electricity ....
my doctor was suppose to call in an emergency statement for me and she
If I don't have her do it on Monday, they'll shut me off on Tuesday, have
a prayer for me!

I just sat down and started crying ... there's so much on me right now.
Jim just sat there on the computer with his back to me, not saying
anything or comforting me in any way ... even after I made dinner and
dessert and got exhausted for it. UGH!

I told him to leave and he said FINE, there's nothing I can say or do
right anyway... what the heck IS his problem???


Well, anyway .... tell me what you think of my little IMP.