Re: Don't want to open another can of worms....

The user agreement (which you sign up to to open the account) says that you must "be you". But who's checking?

Except if you are somebody, and try to have a FB account, you might have a problem!

I'm pretty sure a gator could open an account. Personally, I'm friends with a dog and also at one time a guinea pig! I'd be honoured to add a gator to that list :-)

Hanne in DK
(who is some version of herself on FB)

Den 21-11-2011 15:00, Polly Esther skrev:
I 'thought' that you had to use your real identity to participate in FB.
Not so. Yesterday, I read some foolishness about the Justice Dept.
investigating people who lie about their identity (and weight) on FB so
I reckon it could be done. =) Privacy is a Big Deal for me. Just is.
Anyhow, our younger kith and kin are on there and frequently post
pictures and I want to see too! I guess somebody will have to come drag
me in. Reluctantly, of course . . . and in disguise. Polly

"Ginger in CA" <gaw93031@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
I'm not moving to facebook.

Ginger in CA

On Nov 21, 12:22 am, Pat S <Quilter...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
No. Maybe new would be a good idea, except that there are relatively
few who now read RCTQ in this system? If there are more on the Facebook
group, perhaps it will have to be moved there?
In message <jac63v$th...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Kate in MI
<NOgrovesfamS...@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes

>so this will be a simple question... with only a simple answer expected.

>Did the 2011 Directory go out? If so, when? If not, is it still in
>the works or do we need to start anew.


>Kate in MI


Best Regards
Pat on the Green