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I went to my 30th, but my biggest disappointment stemmed from the fact that out of a class of around 400 graduates, only about 30 people showed! I was so surprised at how few folks came. The ones I would have really liked to have seen and caught up with were no shows for the 10th, 20th and 30th reunions. I am seriously thinking of taking a pass on the 40th due to the significant lack of no-shows. Facebook has actually been better for catching up!
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My 50th is next year, I will be going. At my 40th I met some people
that I had never known in school. One of the guys said that I was the
only girl in his physics class, I didn't know that. I was terminally
shy, and sat in the front row center seat. It didn't hurt that Mr.
Crawford was really cute!

I talked my then "room mate" into going to his 40th, he had a horrible
time, hated it, and the one person that he wanted to see got into a
terrible auto accident on the way home.

I talked an old friend into going to his 50th two years ago. He felt
the same way as you, hated HS, had no friends, etc. He actually had a
great time, loved everyone he met, and was sorry that it was the first
one that he had gone to.


Bonnie, in Middletown, VA

On Wed, 23 Jun 2010 23:20:47 -0700, Debbi in So CA
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My 40th is next year. Most likely I will not waste the time or the money
going to it. I hated HS, I was the class geek and treated very poorly. I
have no desire to see any of the people. I went to the 30th and was
shocked to see how the "in click" was as snobby today as they were when
they were in school.

Debbi in SO CA

Sunny wrote:
My 35th HS reunion party is this coming weekend in Texas. For a bit, I
moped that I wouldn't be able to go back for that. Then I remembered
that I couldn't stand anybody I went to HS with and had a perfectly
miserable three years. Staying home became a wise decision. No way
would I (You'd have to stand up twice to make a shadow) let any of
those folks (the ones taunting me about being so thin that my ribs
showed through my clothes) see me now (definitely 'fluffy' and getting
fluffier every day).

happy to have those days behind me