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On Sat, 30 Jul 2005 12:31:30 GMT, the black rose
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>I thrive on heat. If it's really hot, I do have to limit exertion so I
>don't blow up, and drinking plenty of fluids is especially important. I
>haven't ever ridden in temps over 100 F, but there have been a number of
>days in the 90's, and I was riding earlier this week when the *heat
>index* was something like 103. It's actually not heat but humidity
>that'll do you in on a bike; don't forget that bicycles have a built-in
>breeze factor. Air movement keeps you nice and cool. If it's so muggy
>that a 15 mph breeze can't cool you down, it's time to get off the road
>and into somewhere cool.

Ever since I worked in a grocery store meat department I just don't
tolerate heat very well. It is nearly always humid during a southern
Virginia summer so when the temps pass the 90 degree mark I'm truly

>I'm not sure what's going on with my wrist. It's definitely not carpal
>tunnel. All the pain is on the outside of my wrist, the little finger
>side. That's ulnar nerve territory, I think, and sometimes the pain
>radiates down my little finger. Apparently those are the tendons that
>are used when you rotate the wrist (such as when you turn a doorknob),
>because any rotation hurts like blazes. My doc gave me a brace to
>immobilize it, but so far that hasn't helped. It's a little
>frustrating, because I can't even turn a doorknob. At least bike riding
>doesn't stress it, thank goodness. I do put some weight on that hand on
>the handlebar, but the wrist is in a neutral position so it doesn't hurt
>at all.

Yikes! That sounds terrible. Definitely not carpal tunnel. You
can't put weight on your wrist when you have that. I'm not sure how a
brace could help your wrist. Even with a brace on you can usually
rotate your wrist to some degree because your whole lower arm turns
too. That would be very frustrating.

>> I'm wearing full length blue jeans instead of the capris and shorts.
>> Lovely rainy weather here today. Everyone is so happy about the rain
>> that most folks are outside. I've seen bike riders, walkers, and
>> runners this morning. All greeting the rain as if it were a long lost
>> friend.
>I don't mind the rain when the weather is warm. I'm a total wimp about
>it when the weather is cold, though. :-D

My town hadn't had any rain in over a month and a half, and little
rain in the months before that, so we have drought conditions here.
Ten miles away in any direction got rain, but not here. Some people's
wells have even been drying up. All the lawns are brown, and the
ground long ago cracked open from lack of moisture. I call it high
humidity drought because for months it has seemed like we have been
breathing more water than air from the 99.9 percent humidity. Many
times the weather radar imaging showed rain, but nothing reached the
ground. It's supposed to be raining now, but it's not. I've got some
canna flowers and they are only a foot and a half tall this year
instead of the 4+ feet they are supposed to be, my castor bean plants
are only now reaching the two foot high mark when last year they were
as tall as the gutters on the house and giving shade to our deck, and
my tomato vine has only been able to produce one small tomato. Every
plant in the yard has been badly stunted by lack of rain and I am not
sure the perennials will come up again next year. I lost many of them
a couple of years ago from drought and had to re-plant. I can always
do it again.
Debra in VA

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