Re: Habitat for Humanity Samplers/Cross stitch

On Feb 12, 4:41 pm, njk <njkins...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
My guild is considering making and donating Samplers for Habitat for
Humanity. I know that the EGA guilds often have charts but I
housecleaned the Needlearts magazines.

Any info you can send my way would be appreciated.

Sharon, I'm getting the snow here in Stoney Creek, Ontario that you
will be getting tomorrow. IT's running about half a day behind
schedule. Just what you need more snow!.



We got the snow for sure - it snowed and snowed the day before
yesterday, then this morning it started again and went on most of the
day - now it's changing to rain - supposed to have dropping temps
tomorrow afternoon which will make driving, once again, very
dangerous. What a winter!!! I'd really rather have the snow tho'
than the freezing rain and rain.

Sharon (N.B.)