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and entertained us with
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and entertained us with

Yes? Tell us more !
They ride up, they slide down and they itch! saved for no more clean

Why do you suppose they refer to them as 'pairs' of panties ? I know
there are two leg holes, but equally there are two arm holes in a
shirt or sweater, and they aren't referred to as 'pairs' !

Boy oh boy--You must be bored to tears. I hope someone can come up with
an answer to this one quick !!!

Yes, it's the awful stink starting again, at least it is not so noisy
as the taking up part. I resolved that I would 'stay away from ebay'
today - these days pinned in the house are costing me too much!

I did finish sewing up the crewel cushion though and maybe later today
will take a decent pic and put it up on rctnp. So why are they 'pairs'
???? I need to know !!!

Could it be because pantalettes were originally two legs buttoned together
front and back so all you had to do was squat?!?!?

And when did they become "knickers"?

Pat P