Re: O.T. Three strikes

We have a saying over here
When poverty comes through the door,
Love flies out of the window.

Marriage is like a career it as to be worked at. There has to be a lot of give and take on both sides. My 52nd wedding anniversary is this year.


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Lucille wrote:
Poverty stinks and nothing can make it better.

I view it every day. Poverty - or less than enough money to pay the bills and have enough left over for *some* fun - breeds contempt and a grinding down of the soul.

Like you, I have had it and also been without. I know what it's like on both sides of the fence. Having money certainly made my life more liveable.

Without a decent amount of money, you wear out mentally. Life becomes a grind. Your children become depressed from the weight of it all. Life is not fun. Alcoholism runs rampant, as does abuse. There's a hopelessness and general malaise that sets in. Your debt load becomes greater, and the fear every day of being able to provide becomes overwhelming.

Yep. I agree with you and Ruby. Take away a decent standard of living and you have a culture of woe.


Shirley Shone