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Ive got a first addition copy of Aircraft Welding by L.S. Elzea

Book is in pretty darned good condition, no noticible tears, no stains
the cover and its gold (gilt) printing is in excellent shape. Id rate
it, if it were a gun..about 98%

Book is filled with text and photographs of the actual how to do..of
welding aircraft frames and similar assemblies together. And how to
design and layout such assemblies. I believe this was printed for the
war effort as a master welding guide in ....the Introduction is from
Chris Beech, and the next page is a request from the Boeing company
for such a book in the war effort.

Anyone have any interest in this? Ill give you a 3 day inspection if
you would like.

I also have 21+ absolutely MINT volumes of a matched series of books
on Aircraft mechanics, pneudraulics, drafting, Aerodymanics and Flight
etc etc by the " International Library, International Textbook
Company, Scranton PA

According to Wiki...they were correspondence course books.

The books in The International Library of Technology were published by
I.T.C. These books were bound volumes of the course materials for the
more than 240 courses offered. These books were used and made
available in at least 184 Colleges (Including The U.S. Military
Academy at West Point and Cornell University) and at least 649 Public

Absolutely mint..brand new condition. From my private collection.


Like everything else in life, it depends entirely on the price...

I'm interested if the price is right. Be good for our chapter
library - I'm president of our local recreational aircraft association

How much are they worth..and how much are they worth to you?

Anybody have an idea?

I can perhaps make you a better deal than somone else for your
organization. But with the US economy in the cant be free.

Lets see...

Airplane Drafting # N567
Stress Analysis for airplane design -1 #621
Stress Analysis for airplane design-2 #622
Aviation Engines 1 # 353C
Aviation Engines-II #354E
Aviation Engines-III #355C
Geometry and Logarithms #318B
Geometric Drawing #163E
Chemistry and Materials of Construction #211C
Aircraft Woodwork-Protective Coatings #607
Developments and Laying-out Problems #464B
Aerodynamics and Flight #594B
Elementary Mechanics #215B
Elements of Mechanics #348B
Kinematics-Pneumatics #326E
Plane Trigonometry #319C
The Slide Rule #N255
Elements of Algebra #291B
Airplanes and Elementary Engineering #566C
Combustion Engines Fuels and Heat #349D
Aircraft Metalwork #606

These as Ive stated..are Mint. No bullshit.
7 days inspection allowed

I may..may have some other manuals, info sheets and whatnot from
various aircraft/models/ manufactures as well, but they are out in
sealed storage and it will be a week to find them if I spent 8 hours a
day looking. As I start clearing some of those containers and
boxes...Ill post them here first.

Which reminds me...rummaging through a drawer....

SanTech E-6B Computer

FDF-57B/60B Dead Reckoning Computer

As new. Still in the blue padded holder with the original factory
manual. And I mean NOS. Its pristine. The manual has some misfolded
pages..but it looks very very good. And of course..its one of the
aluminum ones. No wear anywhere. Zip.

it was the unused spare of a gentleman who passed away some years back
WW 2 B-17 pilot turned oilfield executive who flew his Beech 24
regularly all over north america until just before his death some
10-15 or so years ago.

Worth $30 to anyone? Do I have a starting bid? Do I hear $20?


I dont have much else aircraft related. It has not a very big interest
of mine..way above my I never bothered much with books
and whatnot. Only picked up stuff I could use. The 20 odd airplane
related books came as part of an estate sale and the flight computer
as part of another estate sale. I bought a lot of books and tools from
those 2 sales.


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