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I speculate that the shooter wasn't prepared mentally for what he was
to do.. it sounds like (I'm not gonna review TV reports or store cam
the shooter started his aim? near the feet and the stress caused his
finger to respond in full-auto mode, possibly causing uncontrolled
climb (toe-to-head, maybe).

I wouldn't be surprised if civil lawsuits follow.. the posted "no
sign, for one reason.

For those who think that the guy was such a bad shot, I would direct
your attention to the video of the police officer and the criminal, at
a distance of approximately ten feet from eaach other, emptying BOTH
weapons and neither hitting the other. I wish I could remember where
I saw that. This was a trained police officer and he emptied his
weapon without a hit. The guy in this story got two hits, though not
disabling, out of seven. A far better average. When the adreneline
starts pumping things don't go exactly as planned. Until you've been
in the guys position and done better, perhaps it's better that you
keep your disparaging comments to yourself. Just a thought.

I agree.

I'm not surprised. I doubt you would have done any better. But the truth
is that was some bad shooting by anybody's standards. If you can't hit a
man sized target at 20 feet then you ought to turn in your gun and start
carrying a sword.


That's easy for you to say but I suspect that if you were in the same
position, nervous to start with and someone swinging a shotgun in your
direction, you wouldn't be such a great shot either. Self
preservation is a powerful force and will make you miss the target
more than once (see the referenced video above, if you can find it.).


You would probably be right if I was a typical kind that has a CCW
license. But I am not. Shooting is what I do for fun. I shoot every week
at least once. In fact, I'm going to the gun club I belong to in about
two hours where I will shoot two or three hundred rounds from four or
five different handguns.

In other words, I'm someone extremely used to handling guns so I'm good
at it. I've been doing this for years. And it is possible that if I was
confronted by someone with a gun I would be paralyzed with fear and
unable to use my gun competently. But I would expect that the years I've
spent making my self proficient with guns would prevail and I would hit
what I wanted to just like I do on a regular basis.


T'aint necessarily true. You are talking about the difference between
shooting in a relaxed atmosphere and not under any pressure, which is
not exactly what a bloke facing a shotgun experiences.

I can't comment on facing a shotgun but I did used to shoot a pistol
competitively and I can tell you that most, if not all people, can
shoot better in practice then they can in an actual match.

I've seen people at a match get so nervous that they were dropping
cartridges while loading a magazine and I remember being a group
talking with TSGT Alvin R. Merx (USAF) just after he set the record of
300 in the national match course with the .22. someone asked him
whether he had any problems and he laughed and said, "well, I shot 299
a few times before I cleaned it"

In other words, this guy who was one of the top shooters in the U.S.
and probably shot 25 - 30 matches a year freely admitted that he got a
bit nervous in matches. And no one is shooting back at you in a match


John B.

All I can say is that what you say is always a possibility. I could fall apart under pressure and not be able to hit the broad side of a barn. But then the reason I practice all the time is so that won't happen. But you never know until you try something for real how you will do at it. I'm just hoping I never have to find out and if I do that I don't react like a boob.