Re: A day with a Chinese engineer

Don Foreman <dforeman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Both the Chinese engineer (doctorial candidate) and this maintenance tech was pretty darn
happy understanding something yesterday. He seeing it for the first time and me seeing
them for years but never really understanding the finer points.


How good of you to convey as much of our technological expertise as
possible to your Chinese doctoral candidate colleague.

I saw patents going back to 1928 or so on that technology. I didn't look at the Great
Britain ones I saw reference to.

As it was, we both walked away knowing something neither of us fully understood at the
beginning, I figure that was an even trade. My typical day is not particularly
challenging, after almost a decade working here I have a pretty good grip on things and
most of what I run into is more a matter of memory rather than problem solving skills.
Actually having something to ponder and seek an answer to and then try to understand the
answer made for a rewarding day for me personally.

I'm also tending to believe your comment was tongue-in-cheek and yes, I am concerned about
transferring advanced technology to China. I have a feeling Boeing is cutting their own
throat and I'm sure a number of other companies are doing the same.

I work for a multi-national non-defense company and we have facilities all over the world.
I'm hope visiting America and meeting people that treat him civilly will pay off in time.
At the very least, my employer expects me to treat him like any other employee.


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