Re: Is Motzarella down?

RBnDFW wrote:
Steve W. wrote:
Ivan Vegvary wrote:
Been using Motzarella for "" and "".
As of three weeks ago I cannot access any of the postings. Also tried
RCM, it loads but only up to 6/30/2009. If you try to read a message
you get "Message is no longer available on the server".

Is Motzarella dead? Anybody here using it? Did my subscription expire
(never knew I had one)?


Ivan Vegvary

Motzarella changed over to a different name. You should have a user name
and password for an account, those will still work with the new system.

This is the new version.

Yep, gotta change everything.

You should have got a couple emails.

Is it just me, or does that name sounds a bit...creepy?

Just a bit. When I first read the E-mails I wondered about the name
change. After reading the web site and the E-Mails again I STILL wonder...

I don't get the "for technical reasons we have to change the servers
part" It would seem that new servers wouldn't require a full name
change, unless there is some legalese behind it??

Steve W.

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