Re: source for replacement coil spring for old drill press?

I ordered a new pinion return spring from Clausing (in think) and was
glad it was not out of my pocket. Ouch! on the price. Broke a Ben
Franklin real well.
Not knowing anything about yours, brand, size, etc, can't help you.
The inner or outer ends tend break off. Forming a new end on the outer
annealing/rebending is easy, not so on the inner.
There tends to be very little extra length to allow reforming.

Blackout wrote:
I have a pretty big old drill press that is missing the coil return spring.
I've looked all over the net and have come up dry. If anybody on earth knows
they probably read this newsgroup. Help me Obi Wan Kanobi, you're my only

Thanks in advance for your time.